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Some of the items are user contributed, I can not guarantee those, but if you complain of abuse of a contributor I will remove them. You may see ads, hey I got to pay the bills somehow, if you do not like seeing them, donate what you can afford. As soon as this site is self supporting, I will remove all ads.

Is this person really one of your journalists?

You can verify if someone is a legitimate World Wide News of the World journalist by their press pass card issued by us. You can make sure there are no forgeries by going to http://worldwidenewsoftheworld/presspasses/first-and-last-name-of-the-journalist-without-spaces. For instance Craig Dober's Press Pass is here:

Why no pictures?

To keep the pages as fast as possible there are no images, if you want to see images use a search engine image search. This site is only for news, not flashy bullshit. Yeah that's right I said bullshit, I am a regular human being not some super mega corporation, and the contributors are too, so if you read our articles and think, hey, man they are just writing it like a person would tell me on the street, you're right.

How do I become a contributor?

Fill out the contact form, You will have to prove you will be a responsible contributor.

How do I prove I will be a responsible contributor?

No idea, I suppose we will have to communicate by a chat program or something. I am looking to find maybe 10 contributors. I can't pay you shit now, but those ten will get paid when I start to make money. When we get big and are making major cash we will all be sitting pretty. Of course we may never make a dime, sorry.

I want to contact a contributor

Not possible except through the contact form, I do not know who they are and do not want to know. They are just a username here. I track contributors by IP, log times connected and what actions are performed I will only release this information to United States law enforcement.

How do I find the contact form?

You know what, don't worry about it.
Journalism isn't your bag.

I don't like the obscenities

Fuck you, how do you like me now? I don't get paid to do this. I do it as a free service to you. If you don't like it go somewhere else. If you want your news spoon-fed to you with a happy smile and a slant that adheres to your own opinions go somewhere else. Here you get the truth, and you may not like it.