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Today is a perfect day to crash the economy


Pull up your big boy pants and sinch that hobo belt a notch tighter. Lets make 29 seem like the time of plenty. When the corn gets corrupted burn it down so it will grow back green.


UK pensions now insolvent, bailed out by Bank Of England


A total collapse of the British economy is imminent. This would have happened today if the Bank of England had not bailed out important pension funds. This is merely a temporary reprieve, the economy will collapse anyway by the end of 2022.


Goldman Sachs profiteering off Ukraine-Russian conflict


Goldman Sachs, given a free period by the USA government to ditch Russian assets, has instead used the period to traffic low cost financial products, including leading Russian oil company Luxe Oil. While regular people pay higher gas prices, Goldman Sachs fills their pockets.


China Manufacturing slump


China's manufacturing sector is facing a crisis. Manufacturing is down due to the European recession and slowing exports to the US. China is the world's number two exporter next to the US. The Chinese government is expected to respond by lowering the interest rates and encouraging lending.


Chinese Inflation Sees New Low


China's inflation rate in July was just 1.8%, down from 2.2% in June. Although its annual growth was down to 7.6% from 8.1% the previous quarter. China's central bank has been lowering the interest rates to spur investment in the face of weakening demand for its products in Europe and America.


Unemployment Up to 8.3%


July's unemployment rate raised to 8.3% showing the US economy continues to struggle. 163,000 jobs were added in July, slightly higher than the average of 151,000 in 2012, but not enough to gain against the jobless rate. It would take 250,000 jobs to bring the rate down.


Dow Jones Over 13000


The Dow Jones average climbed over the 13000 mark for the first time since May. The rising market was due to favorable news in Europe over the financial crisis in Greece and Spain.


ExxonMobil Profits Skyrocket


ExxonMobil announced Thursday that quarterly profits were up 49 percent. Exxon's second quarter profit was 15.9 billion, up from 10.68 billion last year. The profit came despite a decline in oil and gas output.


Central Bank To Intervene in Europe


European Central Bank President Mario Draghi said this week, "ECB will do whatever it takes to preserve the eruo." He went on to say the bank could inntervene in markets to adjust government borrowing rates. Europe cheered after much gloom this year over the failing economies of Spain, Ireland, Greece, and Portugal and the recent downgrading by Moody's of Germany's previously stellar credit. Stocks rallied world wide on the news.


Real Unemployment Numbers


John Williams, noted author, claims that the unemployment numbers are skewed by government forecasts. Government statistics ignore numbers of long-term unemployed people. These people include discouraged workers that feel they can not get a job, and people working part time jobs for various reasons including not being able to find full time employment.




Egg price gouging is real


If the reason for $8 eggs in the US is bird flu, why are Mexican eggs still cheap? Does bird flu magically stop at the border crossing? If it wasn’t fraudulent traitorous price gauging then why is it illegal to bring in cheap eggs from magically-bird-flu-resistant Mexico? Every bell pepper I’ve ever bought came from Mexico. But no, the eggs there are somehow dangerous. Dangerous for corporation profit is what they mean.


Imminent economic collapse in US


The oligarchs have picked their date for the next economic depression. I am not privy to the exact date and time but within a month or two seems about right. Stocks, bonds and most everything else are shit, Bitcoin explodes in value. USD worthless. Real estate taxes are going up cause the rich-rich ain’t paying for anything and only the poor-rich pay real estate taxes.


NATO will collapse this winter


Russia is riding high on its fantastic success in Ukraine. Eating up billions from the US that could be fixing things at home. The ruble is more valuable than it has ever been. The US keeps raising the value of hydrocarbons through terrorist acts, which helps Russia more than any other country. Winter cold with no fuel will break Germany leading to a new government that pulls out of NATO followed by everyone else that doesn’t want WW3. Russia is pulling out of the Donbatz region so Ukraine has to feed and warm the people there all winter instead.


USA has all the oil it needs, why are we buying it?


There was a strike of light sweet crude, the best grade of oil (better than Saudi Arabia), in the Permian Basin in Texas years ago. This strike gives the USA more oil than any other country and its the best quality oil not the crap oil that is the product of fracking. More oil was produced in the US in 2020 than we used. So why are gas prices so high? The oil corps are selling it on the market and buying worse graded oil for us to use. Just for more profit. We could have fifty cent per gallon gas just like Iran or Venezuela and big oil would still make an obscene profit. Instead they have decided to screw America over for just a little bit more. While our lawmakers do nothing but fill their pockets as well.


the adventures of Koncentration Kamp Kamala and Joe World-War-3


The end times are nigh. Nightmare horror monkeys elected Joe World-War-3 president of the most powerful army in the world. His successor, Koncentration Kamp Kamala will take over when Alzheimer's finally takes him, and the Reich is Back! Slavery for everyone! 2+2=5!


Social media


Where people yell racist insults at each other and feel good that their brand of racism is the goodthink kind of racism. At this point I believe 90% of the posters on social media are children, bots, corporate stooges, and influencers, that is, people paid to post there.


US Senate Posts a Win


With the complete incompetence of our lawmakers and indeed every elected official on display daily, we can all now breath a quiet sigh of relief that they have finally got their shit together. they have managed to sign a law into effect that does nothing concerning daylight savings time. Still have it. Nothings changed. Never mind the imminent nuclear conflict no one in America wants, never mind the crashing economy, never mind the exploding levels of violent crime and gang activity. Go after that pesky DST and do nothing about it, but do nothing about it definitively... like a boss.


FCC Will Not Control Us


Friends you can be assured that World Wide News of the World will never allow the US government, or any other fascist organization to edit or control our content. We here at WWNotW believe the free press is the unalienable right of all men.


Chicago Police Chief Throws Blame For Skyrocketing Murder Rates


Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy appeared on a local talk show and blamed special interests and lobby groups for the skyrocketing violence on Chicago city streets. He has previously blamed Sarah Palin, and "Government sponsored racism". The actual cause is a corrupt and lackluster police presence and an ongoing gang war over territory. But blaming others is easier than making hard changes to enforce the laws already on the books.


Crazy Woman Pushes Man Into Subway Train


For the second time in a month, some crazy person has killed an innocent victim by pushing them in front of a subway train in New York. Why aren't we all calling for an end to the subway train death machine! Ban all subways!


Petraeus Finally Fired


The CIA Director holds prisoners in a high security facility in Benghazi, long after a government mandate that the CIA is not to hold foreign nationals prisoner. He then shuts down the security of the facility before removing all the prisoners. Then, he doesn't move in support to protect them when they are attacked by elements of Al Qaeda resulting in the death of an ambassador. Then he lies to the American people and Congress about why the attack happened. Not Fired. Gets caught in an affair. Fired.


Houston Cop Shoots Wheelchair Bound Double Amputee


Matthew Jacob Marin, a Houston Police officer shot and killed a one-armed, one-legged man in a wheelchair after his fellow police officer was "cornered" by the wheelchair bound double amputee. Two cops, and a man with one arm and one leg, and they can't restrain him? And what deadly weapon was the one-armed man threatening them with? A pen. Marin killed another man allegedly in the line of duty in 2009, although this man was thought to have both his arms.